Tengboche Partnership

Tengboche Partnership

This serendipitous partnership came about when I was trekking in the Himalaya in April 2014 (at the time of the Khumbu icefall disaster).

Tashi Lama and I met, purely by chance, several times during my spell in Nepal, and he shared with me his desire to help support families of Sherpas who have lost their lives in climbing incidents. These families are usually left with no means of income.

On returning home to the UK, the whole idea took root and e-mails were soon flying between us. This is not an easy thing to do as Tashi has to walk for 2-3 hours to access the internet! This website is the result.

Tashi Lama

A Buddhist monk based at Tengboche Monastery, Tashi has lived and studied there for 13 years and was born in the nearby village of Phortse. The monks of Tengboche actively promote eco-tourism and Tashi himself has had a life-long dream to help the many families in this area who are repeatedly devastated by losing one of their members in a climbing incident.

James Lamb

A former teacher based in the UK, James has travelled extensively around the world, including Nepal and, of course, the Solu Khumbu. Part of his teaching career involved extensive work in outdoor education. He regularly organised trips for pupils, both abroad and in Scotland. This means that he knows exactly what is needed to make things run smoothly, and for you to have the best possible experience.

James is a “well kent” figure in the Scottish mountains, having climbed all the Munros and Corbetts several times. A graduate of The Photography Institute in London, James has just completed a post- graduate diploma in Landscape and Travel photography and his photographs have been published in the Scottish Mountaineering Council’s guide to the Corbetts and the SMC Guide to the North-West Highlands.

Being UK based, you can contact him at any time with a query and be assured of an immediate response.

Everyone associated with The Everest Inn group of restaurants UK are very proud to endorse Tengboche Trekking & The Little Sherpa Foundation.

Mr. Pashupati Bhandari. Founder & Managing Director of Everest Inn UK