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Unparalleled landscape photography opportunities amongst the world’s highest peaks. This is the stuff of dreams!

Tengboche Trekking Photo Tours

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Want to visit the locations where the images on this website were shot by our photo tour guide? stupa_women_halfThen we are offering you the opportunity to participate in a Himalayan photo tour where we take care of all the logistics so you can concentrate fully on your photography. We will make sure you get the best advice on what to take & what not to take on your tour. This means being fully prepared for all the photographic challenges before you leave home and therefore being confident you are ready for anything!

The tour will be led by James Lamb, a graduate of the Photography Institute in London.

A former teacher based in the UK, James has travelled extensively around the world, including Nepal and, of course, the Solu Khumbu. Part of his teaching career involved extensive work in outdoor education. He regularly organised trips for pupils, both abroad and in Scotland. This means that he knows exactly what is needed to facilitate the smooth running of groups, and for you to have the best possible experience.

James is a “well kent” figure in the Scottish mountains, having climbed all the Munros and Corbetts several times. His photographs have been published in the Scottish Mountaineering Council’s Guide to the Corbetts and the SMC Guide to the North-West Highlands.

James will fly out from the UK to meet you in Kathmandu and accompany you on the entire trek, returning with you to the city where he will also lead you on the 2 inclusive tours to Bhaktapur & the Monkey Temple. He will be available 24/7 to provide you with all the help, advice & motivation necessary to ensure you are able to cope with, what can be, challenging conditions, so that you are physically and mentally ready to get the shots of a lifetime.
Join other like-minded people to share ideas and experiences, while being guided to the best spots for those iconic shots, making sure you utilize the best lighting conditions available.

Group sizes will be small, with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 people. This allows for flexibility should interesting or unexpected photo opportunities present themselves.

This tour is suitable for all levels of photographic ability and the itinerary revolves around creating opportunities for capturing those memorable shots. If you feel suitably motivated (& James will make sure you are) there will be chances to get out there at sunrise or sunset to catch those golden hours.

Accommodation will be in comfortable mountain lodges as you hike along the trek of your choice.

You will have the opportunity to photograph wild places, wildlife and local people as well as the stunning monasteries along the route in the Solu Khumbu. This will contrast beautifully with the colourful hustle and bustle of Kathmandu where you will have an extra night bed and breakfast with 2 excursions included to shoot the sights of this historic city.

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Please note that, even in Kathmandu, access to electricity, never mind the internet, is sporadic and in the mountains it is very limited, so the emphasis on this tour is mainly dealing with capturing those images you will treasure for ever.